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(Semi-) decentralized wastewater treatment system

As part of this joint project (VP) 01 - AIX-WWR "(semi-) decentralized wastewater treatment system (Waste Water Reuse-System)", a complete prototype for the treatment of domestic wastewater up to complete recycling for use in green districts is being developed, implemented and optimized for the first time. In the research and development project, two standardized, highly efficient and therefore economical types are being developed in container form: Type 1 for 20 m³ treatment volume per day (equivalent to the wastewater production of 134 inhabitants) and Type 2 for probably twice the volume. Larger plants will be realized later after the implementation phase by connecting these standard systems in parallel. The demonstrator will be developed in the planned prototype version of up to 20 m³, installed at a location in Aachen (test field at PIA) and tested and further developed there with municipal wastewater.

The new container sewage treatment plants to be developed are characterized by the fact that they can be integrated into both new and existing areas. The systems also have a modular structure in order to take into account the different usage requirements. Depending on requirements and needs, the systems are designed to supply bathing water, irrigation water, process water, hygiene water or drinking water quality. Irrigation water (roof and façade greening), evaporation water for cooling urban heat islands, water for adiabatic building cooling and much more are already resulting in a high and constantly increasing demand for water in urban areas today, and will continue to do so in the future.

The decentralized approach to water supply and disposal is particularly interesting, as enormous infrastructure costs (old and new sewer systems) can be saved and water and the valuable thermal energy of the wastewater (around 22 °C when it leaves the building) can be reused.

The regional users of the new technology, the water supply and disposal companies and the local authorities (e.g. the city of Aachen) serve as an initial indicator of the economic prospects of success and participate as associated partners in the research and development project with space for the prototypes and active involvement in the implementation phase.

The "container" solution acts as an umbrella project for the modular individual solutions of all joint projects of the AIX-Net-WWR alliance. In the work packages of the joint project presented here, these individual technologies are integrated and, in particular, examined, adapted and further developed with regard to efficiency, cost-effectiveness and benefits in complex overall operation. After the implementation phase, the container form of the system developed here should guarantee modular integration into new districts, but also be used in existing infrastructures. Standardization of the product after successful completion of the implementation phase is sensible and essential in order to greatly simplify subsequent marketing of the potential product. Subsequent certification of the WWR system is only necessary once due to this standardization. The integration into existing quarters, training of employees, monitoring and maintenance can also be standardized in this way and thus significantly optimized in terms of efficiency. The demonstrator developed in VP 01 - AIX-WWR incorporates the partial demonstrators from the joint projects 02 to 05. Their application is therefore already being researched during the implementation phase.

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