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Oxidative treatment of trace substances using non-thermal plasmas

As part of this joint project VP 03 "Oxidative treatment of trace substances using non-thermal plasmas", a new type of plasma reactor prototype for the treatment/purification of water is being developed, implemented and optimized for the first time.

The aim of the project is to develop a modular and scalable prototype for the removal of trace substances and the sterilization of water using low-thermal plasma.

Non-thermal plasma" is ionized air that is generated using an electrode and a pulsed high-voltage electric field. The air molecules are split into ions and electrodes, and this process produces reactive radical species (e.g. OH, O3, H2O2). If radical species are introduced into the water, they combine with organic impurities and decompose them.

These properties of non-thermal plasma are being used in the joint project to develop an innovative system that efficiently removes trace substances that are difficult to oxidize and kills germs. The focus here is on an optimum combination of reproducible water quality, low energy consumption, simplicity of design and low investment and operating costs.

The project is developing two demonstrators, the "flow-through type" and "semi-continuous type", which are based on the same technology but are intended to cover different process applications.

The technology will be tested and optimized with regard to its different properties. However, the prototype is also intended to represent an important, further processing step in the semi-decentralized WWR system. The findings from the joint project form the basis for subsequent further development into a model series. The plasma systems to be developed can later be used in independent applications, but are also an important, further processing step in the semi-decentralized WWR system. 

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