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Decentralized industrial application

As part of this joint project, the joint project 05 - AIX-DEZI "Decentralized industrial application" is an innovative project for the development of new materials for the treatment of industrial wastewater. These materials are being tested in pilot-scale applications. The joint project is in active exchange with the other joint projects with regard to sensor technology, hydraulic design and ensuring water quality.

The joint project VP05 - AIX-DEZI comprises the following sub-projects:

05-01 - Application-oriented development of (NF) membranes and (FCDI) demonstrator

05-02 - Suitability tests of hollow fiber nanomembrane filters with industrial wastewater and analytical characterizations

05-03 - NANO-MEM - Membrane bioreactors with submerged hollow fiber nanomembrane filters

05-04 - Development of a demonstrator FCDI

05-05 - Process integration, modeling and evaluation  

The joint project VP05 - AIX-DEZI pursues the vision of completely decentralized treatment of industrial water flows containing salt, heavy metals or trace substances and thus relieving the burden on natural water resources. 

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